New Year, New You?

January 1st conjures up images of a fresh start and a clean slate. Resolutions are made and all things brim with hope and promise. You may tell yourself that this is the year, I’m going to _______ (fill in the blank). Chances are that you do NOT need to completely overhaul yourself or your life, that there are many things about you that are awesome as is. Sure, I bet there are some behaviors that if you did more often, would make you feel better about yourself but I doubt you need to start from scratch! This year, rather than focusing on creating a new you, why don’t you put your energy toward fine-tuning the amazing person you already are? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Like walking? Or running, spinning, hiking, jump roping, lifting weights, etc? Perhaps you already enjoy moving your body but just don’t exercise as regularly as you’d like. You already have the hard part taken care of–the desire to be active. Now use 2015 to do something enjoyable for yourself by making exercise a priority. Try scheduling movement into your calendar like you would any other important appointment. Your body (and soul) are worth taking care of!

Not opposed to fruits and vegetables? Maybe you even include them in your diet on a regular basis. If you feel you could make more of an effort to eat produce, set a goal of eating one fruit or vegetable at every meal or try swapping out your usual snacks for a piece of fruit or some carrot sticks.

Enjoy fish, beans, or lentils? These tasty healthy foods are a wonderful way to break up the monotony of chicken, turkey, beef, and tofu. Rotate these less common proteins into your weekly menu (aim for twice per week) for some new flavor and health benefits.

Catching some zzzzzz’s? Most of us love to sleep and do catch a nightly snooze; it might not be enough though. Getting a good night’s rest is the ultimate act of self-care. Those 7-9 hours are the time our bodies have a chance to rebuild, repair, and reset so that we can live life to the fullest during the day. So try turning in a little earlier in 2015!

Take a look at your life and continue the habits that keep you well; build upon the behaviors that you’d like to incorporate into your life more regularly. Make 2015 the year of You, Only Better! Happy New Year!


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