Top 3 Habits My Most Successful Weight Loss Clients Adopt

Fall is a great time for a fresh start! If you would like to slim down and shape up now that school is back in session then this article is for you. Here are some trends that I have noticed over the years in my winning weight loss clients. Modify these ideas to create some weight loss success of your own.

Top 3 Habits My Most Successful Weight Loss Clients Adopt

1. Plan ahead. Successful losers realize the more they plan, the more weight they lose. They create weekly meal plans and don’t forget to account for snacks. They make a grocery list from their meal plans and shop regularly. In addition, they schedule exercise appointments to keep themselves accountable.

2. Prep and pack it up. Whether they prep in bulk or do a little every day, successful losers create/cook the majority of their meals and snacks. They aren’t afraid to take food with them whether it’s their daily lunch, some snacks for their purses or desk drawers, or a side dish to a potluck. They don’t make excuses because they know they will always get more calories than they bargain for if they dine out.

3. Don’t get discouraged. Our most successful losers realize that sometimes things don’t go smoothly despite lots of planning. In these instances, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and get back on track ASAP. They don’t make excuses (see a theme here?) and don’t put off a fresh start (no waiting until tomorrow, Monday, or the first of the month to start back on it). They learn from their mistakes and hiccups and vow not to let them happen again.

If you start to feel stuck or frustrated with your progress as fall changes to winter, ask yourself: Have I adopted these healthy habits as my own? If not, why? What am I waiting for? What step could I take this week to plan ahead, prep my meals/snacks, and/or stay positive?

Make the 3 P’s your 3 new habits:
Prep, and stay


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