Winning Weight Loss, Part 2

Last post, I shared the top 3 habits my most successful clients adopt in order to lose weight. (Always start with the positive, right?!) This time, I will share the mistakes my least successful clients make so that you can avoid making the same errors.

The Top 3 Mistakes My Least Successful Weight Loss Clients Make

1. Make excuses. Those who don’t lose weight make excuses. You’ll never have more time, the perfect time, more energy, more money, better weather, less commitments, less stress, etc than you do now. Make like a Nike ad, and JUST DO IT! No one can lose the weight for you. Only you can get it together and make some changes in order to slim down.

2. Believe exercise is enough to lose weight. Research consistently shows that you need to change your eating habits significantly in order to lose weight. Exercise is great for a lot of reasons but it generally isn’t enough to promote weight loss on its own, especially if you sit around the other 23 ½ hours of the day. Face it, it’s really easy to out-eat the number of calories you burn in a 30-60 minute workout.

3. Allow themselves a “cheat day.” Unsuccessful clients are always looking for a way to game the system, an easy out. They ask if they’re “really good all week, is a cheat day allowed?” Absolutely not! Let’s say you were trimming your daily calories by 250 in order to enjoy a ½ pound weight loss each week. That equates to a loss of 1500 calories over 6 days. If you blow it on day 7 by eating 1500+ calories more than your body needs instead of shaving off the usual daily 250 calories, you’ve blown your weight loss. In case you’re wondering, 1500 calories looks like a lunch order of Louisiana Chicken Pasta and a small soda from the Cheesecake Factory. Ouch.

I hope you didn’t see yourself in the above mistakes but if you have been known to make an excuse or two, ask yourself: How can I remove my excuses this week? How can I be more active the other 23 ½ hours of the day when I’m not exercising? What do I need to do in order to make healthy eating a consistent habit in my life?

Remember last post’s 3 P’s of success:


Prep, and stay




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