Nutrition Consulting

Would you like your students or employees to experience the benefits of improved health?  Mary Mahoney provides customized nutrition counseling, lectures, and workshops that will motivate your people to feel their best while increasing their energy and productivity.

Contact Mary to inquire about consulting at your business.

Nutrition Counseling

Fine-tune your eating habits, jumpstart your fitness routine, and explore your body’s individual health needs with the aid of Mary Mahoney, your personal nutritionist and coach.  Contact Mary to schedule an appointment.

Nutrition Nibbles Newsletter

Mary Mahoney offers a monthly e-newsletter filled with the latest tidbits on eating right.  Email Mary to be added to her e-newsletter list.  Check out a sample edition of Nutrition Nibbles: March 2015

Contact Mary to inquire about posting Nutrition Nibbles on your college or company website.  E-newsletter customization with your logo is available upon request.

Seminars & Workshops

Let Mary Mahoney inspire and teach your group to fine-tune their diets and finesse their fitness.

Battle of the Bulge: Holiday Weight Management

Stay slim and trim from Halloween through Valentine’s Day!

Eating for Health and Energy (*a corporate favorite)

Learn how to maximize your nutrition, health, and productivity at the same time.

Everyday Nutrition

Don’t know what to eat?  Explore the nuts and bolts of a healthy diet.

Fast Food Know How

Dining out doesn’t have to do you in!  Implement these smart strategies when frequenting fast food and restaurants.

Harvesting Whole Grains

Whole grains offer bountiful nutrition benefits.  Learn more about whole grains and tasty ways to incorporate them into your diet.

Love Your Body!

Make peace with your body.  Tips for improving your body image.

Meal Planning 101

What’s for dinner?  These meal planning guidelines will guarantee you’ll never eat another boring meal again!

Omega-size Yourself

Are omega-3’s all they’re hyped up to be?  What are omega-3’s?  Where do you find them?  Should you be eating them?


Discover more about the organic food movement.

Positive Nutrition

Focus on positive steps you can take to improve your eating habits today.

Lighten Up Your Bites: Recipe Modification

You can have your cake and eat it too!  Find out how to lighten up and healthify your favorite recipes.

Revisiting Your New Year’s Resolution (offer a few months after New Year’s)

Revisit your New Year’s resolution and recapture your motivation!  These easy strategies will help you achieve your health goals this time around.

Sports Nutrition

Maximize your athletic performance using your best secret weapon: your diet!

Super Foods for Super People

Discover the key nutrients and health benefits certain powerhouse foods can offer.

Planning a Healthy Vegetarian Diet Workshop

Discover the benefits a healthy vegetarian diet can offer.  In this 2-part workshop, you’ll learn about the different types of vegetarianism, ways to ease into a vegetarian diet, meal planning tips, and strategies for incorporating more variety into your already vegetarian lifestyle.

The Mindless-Mindful Eating Workshop

The first part of this workshop highlights all the different ways and reasons we eat on auto-pilot, without thinking.  The second part focuses on being more mindful while eating and bringing pleasure back to our plates.

Nutrition Through The Ages (can be offered as a series or individually)

Discover the key nutrients and nutrition concerns through the lifespan.  Each class focuses on a different age group: ages 20-35, ages 35-50, and ages 50+.

Recipe Analysis & Menu Development

Need nutrient facts on your favorite recipe or a menu created with health, balance, and moderation in mind?  Contact Mary for pricing information.